Walt van Hulst (1972) about his work:

I create art because I 'have to'. It is the way for me to cope with my emotions. I create pictures of experiences from my daily life. Often it is a negative experience that I process in an image. But it can also be a positive experience. That's my way of dealing with my experiences, giving them a place, and thinking about them.

So, it's not really a specific part that comes back. It can be anything. I do believe that my art should have a cheerful appearance, with beautiful, bright colours. Whether it's a negative or positive experience, I want to transform it into a positive, beautiful image. It must be something you want to have in your living room. That also nicely shows the contrast with the thin dividing line that exists between the different emotions. For one person, a certain event is a peak, while for another it can be a low or rock bottom.

I try to make people think with my art. Not everything is self-evident. Every person is different, and every person is unique. Every person has his or her own story. Habits that we have developed may not be ordinary at all. Language is a difficult and confusing concept, but emotion is even more so. I want to show that you can also look at things differently, and hopefully make you think about it. I try to get people thinking with my image and the title I give it.

All the images on the page were made digitally (both the abstract and the realistic work).